How to stay healthy during the summer!

It can be difficult to stay healthy in the summer and during the summer holidays. All those cozy drinks on the terrace, the many barbecues that are often not so healthy and when you go on holiday you enjoy eating out and the drinks, I get it! But still it is easier than thought to continue your healthy lifestyle in the summer with these handy tips.

Tempting barbecues

When the weather is nice, the barbecue is often taken out of the barn again. With the family, the neighborhood or a group of friends, you can enjoy a nice meal outside. Super cozy and delicious but this often tends to eat too much. Think for example of the quantities you buy, because it often happens that there is still meat left over. With the warm weather it spoils quickly so double sin! Watch out that you don’t eat too much or against your will, full is full!

All that meat does fill up, but you need more to feed your body properly. Serve with a nice stuffed salad with fruit, vegetables and some nuts, it fills but it also feeds immediately. A good addition to the meat.

Instead of baguette, choose slices of cucumber to serve a salad. And put some jugs of water or waterkefir on the table, by the way, did you know that waterkefir is very similar to Radler? Tastefully fresh and super healthy for your body so a nice balance against the barbecue sauces.

During preparations

During the preparation of the food you can also make some more conscious choices. For example, you can season all your meat with fresh herbs and spices in advance instead of buying marinated meat. The marinated meats are often full of seasonings and/or sugars. And marinate immediately a delicious vegetable mixture which you can grill in foil on the barbecue, healthy and delicious! For sauce lovers, you can always make your own sauce with fresh ingredients such as this garlic sauce.

Mix the ingredients below and enjoy!
4 tbsp mayonnaise without sugar
2 clove of garlic crushed
1 tbsp lemon juice
Pepper & Celtic salt

From alcohol to water

No alcohol this summer?!? But I don’t mean it that extreme. You can have a glass of wine, but don’t try to drink too much alcohol too often. In the summer the alcohol goes in a bit faster because of the nice weather. You’re thirsty and think “okay, just one more!” but especially with the lighter summer meals that alcohol can hit hard! Next to each glass of alcohol, drink at least 1, but preferably 2 glasses of water.

Think of it this way: if you drink a glass of alcohol you have to drink 2 more glasses of water to keep the hydration in your body in balance. You can also make water tastier by adding mint leaves or a slice of lemon. Really fresh and healthy! By starting your day well, it’s healthy to drink 2 or 3 glasses of water (warm, boiled and cooled) after getting up. This way you start the day well and keep drinking in the rhythm of water.

Snacks on the way

The unhealthy snacks can be replaced even more easily in the summer than in the winter. In the summer you have the delicious summer fruit. Make delicious fruit sticks with strawberries, melon, raspberries, for example, just what you like! Some cheese cubes, a few olives, vegetable snacks or a handful of nuts are also healthy snacks and are delicious in the summer! And if you don’t, make sure you have some homemade snacks in the freezer, such as this oatmeal cake.


It’s just a little bit different abroad, because where do you end up? Make sure you do some research on the big supermarkets and maybe there are some nature shops nearby. Always useful to know in advance. Eat as many natural and unprocessed products as possible. Often you have farms abroad with home-grown products, so it’s nice to try them out.

You can also bring a natural shake in case of “need”, which you can use as a meal replacement. This is useful, for example, for breakfast to create a healthy basis when nothing else is available. Or with a day out, when everyone on the road feasts on biscuits and sweets. It’s also nice to use a shake as a kind of basic filling. If you also want to take some candy with you, then it’s just candy because your stomach is already full.

Sports abroad

When you go on holiday, you don’t know exactly what your surroundings look like. You don’t have your own gym around the corner or you can’t run your regular route. That’s why it may be a barrier, but keep moving during your holiday. Exercise is healthy and you can immediately enjoy the beautiful view. Maybe you will come across a nice restaurant where you want to have a meal. Sports in the morning is best, because then it is not at the warmest and in the evening you may have fun outings planned.

Prevent vitamin deficiency

By baking in the sun you get enough vitamin D. Important of course, but don’t forget the other vitamins! Eat lots of summer fruit full of vitamins and add some extra vitamins to your food like more vegetables at dinner. Also nice to make your own smoothies! A handful of spinach, some fruit, maybe some chia seed and water and blend in!

For your hair and skin

Vitamin C is very important for your hair and skin. The salt from the sea and the sun makes your hair very dry and coarse. Your skin also has to endure it with all the sunscreens and other substances. It is important to get enough vitamin C, fortunately this vitamin is found in many citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds. All very tasty and healthy for the summer!

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