How do you keep your eyes healthy?

Do you ever think about taking care of your eyes? And I’m not just talking about taking makeup off. It’s important to keep taking good care of your eyes because you only have one pair of eyes that you have to do it with your whole life! The care alone isn’t everything, you can also keep your eyes healthy with the right food. To have healthy eyes, you only have to pay attention to a few things!

The most important nutrients

Vitamin A is, among other things, a very important antioxidant for your eyes. This vitamin reduces the pressure on the nerves in your eyes. This is very important, as the optic nerves are heavier nowadays with all computer screens and phones. Vitamins C and E are also important for keeping the tissue and cells of your eyes healthy.

Omega-3 prevents dry eyes. These essential fatty acids are therefore an important part of the food for babies and children for good reason.

Zinc helps with the absorption of vitamins, so it helps to get enough of these important antioxidants.

This antioxidant is really worth mentioning, because it plays a major role in the health of your eyes. By taking enough beta-carotene, you avoid dry eyes.

Lutein and zeaxanthin
According to research it has been proven that these two chronic conditions reduce/occur the eyes. Say hello to the idea of reading glasses, because lutein also keeps your eyes sharp longer!

So what do you need to eat for healthy eyes?

Leafy vegetables
Fresh parsley
Oily fish
Egg yolks
Green and yellow peppers
Orange! Like mango, oranges and yes, carrots 🙂

When risk of unhealthy eyes

Unhealthy eyes can be caused by many factors. If you recognize many of the following characteristics, there is a good chance that your eyes are unhealthy at the moment.

Old facial products (old mascaras irritate your eyes, for example)
Lots of work on digital screens (TV, phone, computer, etc.)
Itchy and/or dry eyes
Eat too much sugar and salt
Do not handle contact lenses with care

4 tips for healthy eyes

1 Eat healthy

By getting the right nutrients, you stimulate the health of your eyes. By eating more of the most important nutrients, your body will feel healthier and so will your eyes.

2 Take good care of your eyes

It’s important to take good care of your eyes. Many people suffer from dry eyes, which can be very troublesome. On you will find many products that help you to get healthy eyes. By taking good care of your eyes with the right products, your eyes will become less irritated and function well as healthy eyes!

3 Give your eyes a break

If you are sitting in front of a screen for your work all day, regularly give your eyes a little break. Take a break by not looking at a screen for 5 to 10 minutes. Get yourself a drink or look outside, but at least take a break.

4 Check your eye products

Eyes are easily irritated. Old mascaras, make-up brushes that are not replaced, contact lenses that are not cleaned properly, these are all features that can affect your eyes. Check the products you use around your eye to make sure they are still clean and do not need to be replaced.

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